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As you may have heard, Dr. Zachary Stowe of Emory has been exposed in the Wall Street Journal after coming under fire from Charles Grassley’s investigation of conflicts of interest among leading psychiatric researchers. Stowe is one of the leading researchers working directly with pharma to promote the use of antidepressants in pregnancy and breastfeeding. A large portion of his salary at Emory is derived from federal grants through the NIH. As we’ve documented, he has worked for GSK to claim Paxil is safe for breastfeeding and was planning to claim that Paxil is undetectable in amniotic fluid. You can read more at these links, and we will update with more as more news becomes available.

The MOTHERS Act makes grants available to “eligible entities” through NIH for research on mothers. Zachary Stowe is exactly the type of researcher we do not need to be handing out grants to given his conflicts of interest and his apparent disregard for why that matters, much less the safety of babies.

Zachary Stowe Doesn’t Get To Claim Paroxetine Undetectable in Amniotic Fluid for GSK http://tinyurl.com/lybcqr

Zachary Stowe Wants His GSK Money http://tinyurl.com/n4ugn2

Zachary Stowe Disciplined (Wall Street Journal) http://tinyurl.com/nd7o8n


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