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Check out Patrice London’s new book on her site: http://www.empoweredtobirthnaturally.com/.

Patrice’s book is available as an e-book or paperback and is only $7 or $12.95, respectively. To order it now, click here.

Here is a description:

“In our society, when starting new adventures people tend to pay close attention to detail. When considering buying a house, going to college, getting married, and even buying a television, people conduct extensive research. This same care and attention to detail is all but forgotten when it comes to the life-changing process of giving birth. This area is all too often left to the “experts.” This shouldn’t be the case. If more people would research the current medical model of care and the midwifery model of care, the results could be revolutionary. More women just might begin to trust that their bodies can, in fact, do what they were created to do – and do it well.

Of course, some don’t consider the how of giving birth to be important. They just want the end result – a healthy baby. We assume that the medical profession has our best interests at heart when various interventions are doled out “for the benefit of mother and baby.” There is no consideration of any long-term effects those interventions may have on mother and baby. It’s all just accepted. Then, our society wonders why the cesarean rates are climbing. I believe the how of giving birth is of the utmost importance. I believe one can have the end result and a whole lot more. I’ve experienced firsthand how life-changing the process of birth can be. I’ve experienced it in a negative and positive light and would like to share those experiences with you.”


Patrice reveals insights and provides education through her birth stories, giving readers a personal view into how labor and birth can unfold in a hospital, birth center and home birth. Empowered to Birth Naturally is a catalyst to explore your beliefs about where and with whom to give birth. Patrice shares a positive, powerful and enjoyable process that touches and will transforms all who open up to what women’s bodies are capable of. It is a delight to hear how her family and friends are changed through her intimate birth experience. I highly recommend Empowered to Birth Naturally, birth stories are a powerful way of sharing knowledge. Patrice’s journey will inspire you to find you own path to a pleasurable birth.

Debra Pascali-Bonaro, doula, childbirth educator, birth activist, and producer and director, “Orgasmic Birth”


“A tell-it-like it is birth memoir full of power, passion and punch. Patrice takes us through her birth baggage and out the other end to a pleasure-filled birth at home. I applaud Patrice’s courage after her first birth that “things would be different” for her next births. Her bold determination to obtain a joyful birth is evident throughout the book. And, not surprisingly, she got it.”

“Bouyed by her husband’s kisses acting as her epidural, Patrice bravely shows women that unmedicated birth, midwives and doulas not only make sense, but for low risk women this is their best option for a positive birth experience. And if that wasn’t enough, this birth memoir offers the other voices present at her births -her mother, husband and others. Her husband’s observation that with homebirth he had the opportunity to not just be a “clueness bystander” should be read and re-read by every family member who tries to talk a low risk woman out of a homebirth. Thank you, Patrice, for telling your story. You are a birth warrior and you definitely rock!”

Karen Brody, playwright of Birth, founder of BOLD


I can’t wait to get a look at this book myself, and I am proud to say that Patrice is a member of the babywhys yahoo group. It’s passionate and wise women like Patrice London who make a difference for other moms and for our children. Three cheers for the birthing revolution!



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