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I Got The Piggie’s Attention – Response From an Oinkie Head

Friday, February 2, 2007

Thank you for your email to the National Pork Board. We appreciate you taking the time to send us an email regarding our communication with “The Lactivist” webstore on CafePress.com about our trademark rights.

It is important to understand that our lawyer’s correspondence to Ms. Laycock was in no way intended to challenge or demean breastfeeding or those who support it. This correspondence is about defending our trademark and the National Pork Board’s responsibility to protect pork industry investments on behalf of the 70,000 US pork producers we represent. The Other White Meat® is a pork industry trademark whose value was built slowly and thoughtfully over 20 years, paid for by producer’s hard-earned dollars. Any infringement on that mark would substantially lessen its value and impact for US pork producers.

It’s also important to understand that the National Pork Board cannot pick and choose which infringement challenges it decides to address. We have a responsibility to the industry to challenge all viable infringements (and we do so on a weekly basis) or face the possibility of losing trademark protection and allowing the industry’s valued trademark to become public domain, and thus worthless.

Again, the National Pork Board takes no issue with your important cause. Our interest here was in protecting US pork producer’s investment in The Other White Meat® trademark. We apologize if our response seemed impersonal or harsh; that was not our intent. We will use all feedback that we receive to improve our communication processes in the future. Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention.

Steve Murphy
Chief Executive Officer
The National Pork Board


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Pork Boycott

BOYCOTT PORK! (For now, all you pig eaters!)


To: The Pork Board
(and to all of the internet recipients, feel free to forward)

Jeff Hartz – Director of Marketing Communications
(515) 223-2629 JHartz@pork.org

Joy Johnson – Vice President Marketing
(515) 223-2631 jjohnson@pork.org

Michael Wegner – Vice President Communications
(515) 223-2638 MWegner@pork.org

Teresa Roof – Public Relations Manager
(515) 223-2616 troof@pork.org

Hello to the Pork Board!

I understand you have ordered a work-at-home mom who raises money for the MOTHER’S MILK BANK in her area (a charity that SAVES lives of babies every day) to stop selling shirts that say “The Other White Milk.” The old saying goes that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, but apparently you are putting out a smelly pile of pig crap and attracting a lot of flies here! According to The Lactivist Blog, she would kindly have removed the shirt if you had asked nicely, although personally I think that you are pretty darn stupid for trying to stop the sale of the shirt.

Do you honestly think you have the eternal rights to those three words of the English language: the, other, and white?

Do you think that your board may perhaps be long overdue for some downsizing? I mean come on, you must really have a lot of excess fat that needs to be trimmed, like a “pork barrel” or something like that at your organziation. Because you seem to have WAY too much time on your hands.

Anyone who would just threaten to sue a mom for selling a shirt that might actually promote pork should take a little lesson in common sense, so as a former teacher, I tell you that you are about to get schooled.

I want you to know that this has actually resulted in the tarnishing of your image. When I saw the shirts a while back, I actually thought “Hmm that’s funny, cool, etc. What a neat shirt,” and, “Oh yeah – pork slogan – maybe I should buy some pork when I go to the store, that sounds like a good dinner plan.”

Now instead, every time I see a package of bacon, sausage or a pork tenderloin, I will think, “Hmmm the pork board is a bunch of ignorant jerks who are apparently very concerned about their image, but hate breastfeeding, breast milk, and its many medicinal properties. I wonder why they would be concerned about their image. Could it be that they have to fight against common ideas like: don’t eat bacon, don’t eat sausage, or don’t eat pigs at all? Why? Maybe it’s just that unhealthy for you since pigs wallow in their own poopies!”

I am abstaining from all pork and pork-derived products until such time as you issue a formal apology to Jennifer Laycock. And I will ALSO tell all my friends and family and vast internet contacts NOT TO EAT PORK. It will be difficult because I love to use pork to make meatballs and spaghetti sauce, but I think I can take it.

Oink oink! Save the pigs. Save Wilbur.

I am very serious about this! You guys should really be ashamed of yourselves.

Amy Philo
Frisco, Texas

P.S. There is this little invention called the laser printer with which any person who wishes can print a transfer that says “The other white milk” and put it on a shirt. You have in essence contributed to the increased popularity of that spin off of your oh-so-effective slogan in addition to the unfortunate tarnishing of your image as a member of the food industry for all time.

P.S.S. It’s as if you think that parodying slogans and jingles actually “tarnishes the good image” of businesses. We are all sitting around thinking of as many funky new slogans as we can come up with because we have nothing better to do with our time, what with all the lazy moms out there who are just lying around breastfeeding all day. Oh yeah – breast milk – gross – the mere mention of a wonderful substance like that would tarnish ANY image it is associated with!

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It shouldn’t be too big of a sacrifice, but as stated in the previous blog entry, I am personally abstaining from purchasing anything at Walmart, for the time being.

This Saturday, in complete violation of the WHO Code, Walmart stores across the country are opening their doors to the formula companies. In a series of demonstrations for an event called “All Things Baby” Similac will hold a nutrition and feeding seminar. They will hand out free samples of formula and other products. (If it’s “ALL Things Baby,” then please tell me – where is the representation of BREASTFEEDING?)

Free samples are proven to shorten duration, compromise exclusivity and overall interfere with breastfeeding. Babies deserve to be protected from unnecessary formula supplementation. Moms should be supported in feeding their children the normal, natural way, not undermined.

A formula representative could not possibly plan to present accurate information about infant nutrition, or else they would have to stop selling and start hiding their formula cans. Many people who work for these companies pretend to be lactation consultants and preach that mixed feedings are ok. But as we know, mixed feedings compromise the normal physiology and health of mothers and babies and ultimtely lead to premature weaning. It is the formula lobby’s ultimate goal to make sure that no baby is ever exclusively breastfed and will at some point in their life drink formula. This event is a massive attack on the attempts at breastfeeding success by women across the country, and the worst part is that it makes formula seem like the normal way everyone feeds their kids. Who wouldn’t be thankful for a FREE sample of something to feed a child with, right?

News flash: Breast milk is FREE!

Please send Walmart your own comment and urge them to give equal opportunity to breastfeeding support and cancel the Similac demonstration.

============ ========
http://walmartstores.com/GlobalWMStoresWeb/navigate.do?catg=221 to leave your comment go to this URL

Here is what I wrote:

I was dismayed to learn that Walmart is allowing Similac into its stores all across the country this Saturday to promote and hand out samples of infant formula and impersonate nutrition experts by doing a “demonstration” and feeding lecture.

I called the store near me to inquire about the possibility of our local breastfeeding support group hosting a table near the Similac booth to provide assistance and support to breastfeeding mothers. I was told that all nonprofits have to be outside to distribute information.

So it seems that Walmart is favoring formula feeding over breastfeeding. Breastfeeding detracts from profit-driven motives because it is a free source of food, but it also saves money for tax payers and businesses and helps the planet by reducing pollution and garbage and energy consuption. The US economy spends at least $3.6 billion per year on paying for medical costs and lost wages for caring for sick children who are formula-fed.

I hate to think that Walmart would open its store to a formula company but kick breastfeeding moms out into the cold.

Formula-feeding is not a normal way to feed your child and it is responsible for over 8,000 preventable deaths in the US each year, and 1.5 million or more each year worldwide (according to the WHO and UNICEF).

Walmart is now implicated in these infant deaths.

I encourage you to invite breastfeeding support groups to hold a seminar in your baby section of your stores alongside or instead of the Similac demonstration.

I urge you to cancel the demonstration by Similac, but if that doesn’t happen then I urge you to hold a special event for breastfeeding ACROSS the country and offer some REAL information about infant nutrition.

I will be at Walmart this Saturday not to buy anything but rather to nurse my two kids at the Similac counter.

I will not purchase anything at Walmart again until this situation is rectified, and I will discourage everyone I know from shopping at Walmart.

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The Other White Milk


The pork industry issued a Cease and Desist order to a mom who sells pro-breastfeeding tshirts that say: The Other White Milk. Apparently they are concerned that she might be profiting too much because of the spin off of their slogan about pig flesh. I love to eat pig flesh but try to limit my intake, well I think it’s time I stopped for good. Maybe I will drink my own breast milk instead. Wait, that would be somewhat silly, I still have to eat other food. I think I’ll stick with chicken and veggies.

Oh, and they are also accusing her of promoting breast milk for uses other than infant consumption. I suppose the Pork lobby is dumber than we thought, since babies and young kids can drink it, and throughout time people have used breast milk to survive. In fact, breast milk is being examined for its medicinal properties and has been shown to kill lung cancer cells in a lab dish.

Here is the link to the blog of the accused stay-at-home mom who is trying to promote breastfeeding in our messed up society. http://thelactivist.blogspot.com/2007/02/overzealous-big-pork-stomps-on.html

Maybe the pork lobby could start marketing pig milk next, since obviously breast milk is so tied up with criminal activity and we should look for alternatives.

The businesses and in fact the general population seem to be suffering from Mad Pig Disease. Let’s get them back on the right track. Contact Jennifer Laycock and offer her your support. She donates portions of her profit to the Mother’s Milk Bank in her area. We should all order some shirts, and offer her our support. They are setting a compliance deadline of Feb. 5.

For now, I am abstaining from pork, and Walmart! (see next post)

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