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If you see a mom breastfeeding her baby, babywearing, or otherwise nurturing her baby in a healthy way, send me the description and I will add it here.

If you see a pro-breastfeeding ad, TV show, movie, or other media example, send me a description or a link and I will add it here.

If you see any other promotion or hear of one, send me the description and I will add it here.

I’ll start:

Saw one mom breastfeeding a newborn at church, in the back pew with a blankie covering said baby.

Nursed my own baby and babywore in public today… at church I also nursed my toddler.

via web:
Today at a neighborhood christmas party, I saw a neighbor of mine nursing her 15 month old daughter. I stopped and said that I was thrilled to see another mom nursing her baby past 1 year and we chatted about how much our babies loved to nurse, it was great comfort to them, etc.


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The bottle feeding frenzy

Send me an example of any WHO Code violations, and I will add it to this blog entry.

I’ll go first:

In two days, I have seen two or three ads for Nestle “Good Start Supreme” Formula, with happy cute smiley babies who are free of eczema and runny nose and gas, with the cute little hearts floating around the screen, on NICKELODEON during programs my son watches. He’s two. I know – you say “Perhaps he should not be watching TV.” But he does, and he loves to watch commercials as well, (I used to too and depending on what it is, whether it is Barbie’s 12 dancing Princesses, Floam, or a Hallmark commercial, or a Lever 2000 commercial with a hot soapy wet male model, I will still do it!) and well, he thinks that the Nestle commercial is worth watching. I guess the sight of a baby drinking from a bottle intrigues him, and the floaty hearts don’t help matters.

Plus, he likes babies, live, on TV, or in pictures.

I see bottles everywhere, but to me the advertising is the worst part of everything. Especially when you consider the web address for Nestle is “VeryBestBaby.com”

Poor little babies! Cute babies being used to market formula is just going to appeal to the market and put all babies at risk! Yes, the babies are all wonderful and “the best,” it’s the food they’re getting that isn’t. Hello! Giving your baby formula does not make him the best baby. He already is the best he’ll be, the way God made him.

Babies are all sweet and innocent and deserving of protection!


Recently returned a gift – a new baby keepsake album because of the “Holds Own Bottle” among other things written inside. This was a Winnie the Pooh book at Target. I sent them a nice little letter about the WHO Code.

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